It’s the variety that makes Berlin special. It’s all about the contrasts between the different neighbourhoods, the daylife, the nightlife and most importantly the people living there. They are people from all over the world with individual interests, aims, problems and various social backgrounds. They meet in the centre of their daily life: their Kiez, their neighbourhood – sometimes in harmony, but often full of tension.

The Berlin short film festival kiezkieken offers a platform for an urban creative pool including workshops, guided city tours, film screenings and discussions as well as a forum for a lively, creative and open exchange.

Broaden the horizon
We take the road through the city, explore and discover it in a different way. We draw secrets and stories from the city. kiezkieken not only offers impressions into the Berlin city life, it also makes us aware of how we perceive our environment.

Urban Changes
kiezkieken is dedicated to the transformations to which city life is permanently subjected. What is it that survives after demolition, rebuilding and change? How do we redesign our city again and again? What needs to be preserved?

Cinematic documentation captures urban development; historical knowledge about the city can be retained and created.