kiezkieken Berlin Short Film Festival

On cold winter days you will have the opportunity to enjoy cinematic delicacies in cosy atmosphere at popular locations in the Kieze. The short film festival will take place on four weekends in november (5th and 6th, 12th and 13th, 19th and 20th, 27th november 2011). The first three weekends will be dedicated to one of the localities each.

kiezkieken takes the audiences to a journey through the city: The films will be shown in cultural centres on site. In this way, the audience can collect their own impressions about the respective district on their way to the festival and compare them to those shown in the films.

Every festival-saturday there will be guided tours through the respective Kiez. This allows for an extensive impression into the urban image. How did the area look like in the past? What has changed? How can we use this knowledge? On the festival-sundays there will be the screenings of the movies and the discussions with the film makers, representatives of cultural projects and local politicians.

On the first three weekends, two winners each will be chosen by the audience. They will compete for the first price on the last weekend. Out of these six films, the audience will chose the winner of this year’s festival. In addition, a jury will independently chose a winner out of all films. The audience award and the jury award guarantee the direct involvement of the audience as well as a professional artist judgement.

And finally the festival will leave the Berlin districts and get connected to Latin America. During the final festival weekend, a small insight into Latin American cities will be given as result of the exchange with the film festival „mil metros bajo tierra“.